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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for PaintTool SAI

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With inquiry, please notice following content.
  • Please write clearly what you want to inquire to the title of e-mail.
  • Additionally if you failed to execute some functions on our products, please write details how you tried and what couldn't.

Please notice we cannot reply following inquiries,
  • Things that who obviously seems not to read the product descriptions of this site.
  • Things that already written in the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ).
  • Things that basic operations/knowledges of standard PC or Windows OS.
  • Things that not related our products.
  • Things that there is no obligation to answer for us by commonsensibly thinking.

Our business hours are 10:00 to 18:00 (in Japan, this is GMT+9), and Sunday, Saturday and Japanese public holidays are our days off. We cannot reply immediately if we received your inquiries in our days off or outside our business hours. Replying might be delayed several business days by some other reasons.
We ask for your kind understanding.

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